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@ FinalEva:

Wacom: Awesome!! I hope you get the chance to try it out very soon! I guess you could mess with some of photos from the FF6 shoot you were struggling with.

Zant: I will be bringing it to Sakura con, but you might have to remind me when I do see you.

Swords: I think so too! Plus it helps with the cosplay. So is there a brand/type you would recommend? I don't know much about them. I like the sound of the one you have though since it cut through oak.

Mascots: I can see how gluing seams might make things messy. I did find a tutorial on how to make custom patterns for mascot heads. It was similar to a custom plushie pattern I found once. Basically you use aped cellophane to cover the head and mark out the seams with a pen. Once cut, those are your pattern pieces. Pretty crazy stuff! I would love to see the progress for Pen Pen though!

Workout: It really is. I picked it back up today and I would like to keep it up every other day. I have also been going on bike rides later in the evening. I need to pick up the weight lifting again though. As for the gym, I loved the elliptical!! It would always be my choice over a treadmill. I am glad you are limiting yourself on the bike rides though and I think adding weight lifting to your routine is a good idea.

Esper Terra: Duct tape dummies might save you a lot of stress in the end, especially if you have a custom fitted suit/paint job. Even an adjustable mannequin will never be your exact shape and size. The dummies are nice too because you can pull out the stuffing and store them away. Speaking of which, is Spencer still on for Skullomania? I haven't heard anything. No rush, I was just curious.

Dissidia Update: I am hoping to get back to Lithia in the fall. Maybe the colors will look really nice with my costume! Here's hoping! Aww, I should use the Mr. Locke and Mr. Edgar when I am trying to be in character. As for Rapunzel, I have no idea. Ha ha!! I am still waiting for the printed fabric to show up, but then after that I have to pattern a corset... not fun. I also have a tiny bit of embroidery left on the sleeves. I am thinking it might be best to put her off to next next year since this con year is so busy.

Your Update: I think the fiberglass will work really well for Pen Pen, at least from what you have told me about it. Good luck with that part of it, it sounds tedious!

Something Dissidia Related: .... Hm... Yeah I got nothin'. :P Now that Terra is re-fixed again, I don't expect to have anything Dissidia related until I work on Edea. Unless Edgar and Sabin count. :P

@ Everyone: Where are you guys??

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