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Black Star Cosplay Help

I need help in both deciding and making my cosplay for Black Star. I'm cross dressing either a regular version(anime) or a manga version. I think the manga one would be cooler but I hope people will recognize it though. I either want to do his outfit from Spartoi or his outfit in shadow star first form chain of blackness so I can make the cool scythe the Spartoi one is def easier to make.

(manga outfit)

Shadow Star: (regular outfit cool sycthe)

I need ideas for the cosplay. Mainly for his regular one because his outfit is a bit complex. For example the pants are like shorts and sweats at the same time so I guess I could do something like that. I'm TOTAL newbie when it comes to cosplaying. His shirt is the annoying one with the ninja like cone around his neck like Sauske. There's also the sliver lining for his belt and shirt. Not to mention I should do something for his gloves too. I would make the scythe out of cardboard and paper mache then paint.

This is why the Spartoi is easier with plain colors and stuff. But I just want some ideas from people who are pro at this
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