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Name of Merchant: EZcosplay
Item purchased: Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke) Seirin Basketball Uniform [Costume - Bball Shirt & Shorts) + Customize Sized - Link
Links to picture(s) of your received item: Crappy and taken on my phone but here~ Shirt 1 - Shirt 2 - Shorts 1 - Fabric Closeup
Timeline: Ordered August 19th, Shipped September 3rd, and Received September 7th.

Pros: Communication was good - replied pretty quick when I had questions, made sure to confirm all my information and know when I needed it by - Fast shipping, Costume is acceptable despite what Im going to put in the cons.

Cons: The costume was a bit too small, I mean not like horribly, but along the lines of if you have grown out of something, so it would have been nice if it was bigger and the shirt didnt cut off so short. The quality wasn't as good as it could have been either. Sewn a bit funny, not very noticeably, but still.

Also (I wasnt inconvenienced by this, but someone else might be if they decide to buy from them) they'd lied about the date it'd been shipped out. I mean, they still had plenty of time before the date I needed my purchase, but when I emailed them just curious about the progress of it because it was about the time they'd said it'd be done (on Sept. 1st) I was told it'd already been shipped August 31st and they were waiting for the information to update, then they'd give me the tracking number. So, I waited and finally on Sept. 3rd I emailed them asking why hadnt I gotten the tracking number yet if itd been shipped almost 4 days ago? Then later that day, I was emailed the shipping information and I can clearly tell it was shipped that day. Which wasn't a problem, but they didn't have to lie. I even received the package only 4 days later, pretty quick.

Anyways, despite the grade Im giving them because what I got is acceptable for me, I'm not going to recommend them 100%. Feels a bit sketchy to me I guess? Despite that their Facebook page has like 90k likes, I was still worried the whole time about it. Mostly because I couldn't find reviews anywhere on them. But I could just be paranoid, and I wouldn't wholeheartedly tell you not to buy from them either. Just keep in mind it is a merchant and not a commissioner despite the option to pay extra for a custom size.

Final Grade: B
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