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Originally Posted by LupinTheBored View Post
Wow. That looks AMAZING. Literally, brilliant work Tarah. You should definitely keep cosplaying :-D.

While I don't know how practical it would be trying to get the same cell shaded look as borderlands, I bet you looked great with the ink set up.

If your eyes were as bright as hers, and you looked cell shaded IRL, you would have looked almost exactly like her. And that's pretty awesome.

If you're ever at Acen, with any cosplay, hit me up for a terrible photoshoot okay? Annnnnd I'm just curious, did you ever play through Borderlands/are you excited for the second one coming out just barely a week and a-half from now? :-D

I want the mechromancer, bring on 'girlfriend mode' lol.
Awe thank you so much!!! That means a lot to me! Here's some pics from PAX with all the ink and a gun, etc.

I'm actually fairly new-ish to Borderlands to I haven't played it through yet, but I love it and am stoked for the BL 2!! I probably won't be at acen, its just too far for me to go for just a few days and there's really not many cons anywhere near me other than PAX Prime (that I know of at least) It's unfortunate *tear*
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