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@Seifer & Final: I'm very excited about getting back to work on CoD. I have all the pieces cut out, just need to sew them together.

Though I came to discover, I need to buy new gold fabric since the remainder I had from making Kuja ended up being used to work on Princess Velvet. So I need to buy some to do the golden parts on the skirt and do my idea for the "tentacles"? or Om and Nom as tifaia says for hers :P

I do have some gold, but I'm using it for Rydia's boots. So, need that.

@tifa : No CoD? D8

On the Ultimecia front: I started drafting out patterns for the wings, and I'm trying to keep them travel-sized but still bad ass. I need to have them so that they'll be easy to store. Which is part of my problem. It's her horns that will be the bigger issue, but I will have lots of time after February to work on her as long as I don't get any requests or commissions between Con-G and Anime North. Her dress? Easy. Makeup? Will be interesting. Gloves? Not too bad. Wings? Challenge, but manageable. Horns? Still working on that XD

Kuja will be under-going repairs in the new year. I have him in storage mode for now as I still have.... 8 costumes? maybe 12? to finish before the end of the year. I might take him back to Anime North next year, maybe. Depending. Depends what I want to wear to replace Kefka the Friday since he's now on a back-burner. I have fabric for him, the wig, and the feathers and beads.... Kuja's repairs and slight revamp will involve boots being fixed, neck armour being re-done, redoing the gold trim on the jacket, and possibly a new shirt that will be more solid - since it's supposed to be armour.
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