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Unfortunately, not all judges are good judges. I've been competing for years and years now and I've come across a wide range of judging experiences - from judges that ask me questions, look at the material I presented to them, and prod my costume, to judges that take the time when I'm explaining the costume to them to look away from me and drink a bottle of water instead. I really think a lot of it boils down to the head of cosplay and how he or she chooses the judges and how strictly they enforce the judges to follow proper protocol and ethics. I really wish it could all be the same across the board, but entering a costume contest can be a risk of sorts. Sometimes you just never know what kind of judging you will get. The good thing is, remember that there are always other cons to go to that you can try again. It can be hard to stay positive when you go through a negative judging experience, I know how that is.

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