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I'm getting somewhere on Fionna! I have the skirt cut and pinned and the shirt cut. Yay, progress! I also fixed the shoes I'm using for her- they're black mary janes that had off-white stitching on them; I painted over the stitches with black acrylic and viola! Perfect! I plan to order the fleece for her hat and backpack soon and will hopefully have it by next weekend so I can work on those things then. I also plan to order the wig when Arda has their sale in a couple weeks.

Over the weekend I was able to complete the skirt (it's sooo cute!) and STARTED to assemble the shirt, but my sewing machine pooped out on me. I think it was the embroidery thread wasn't cooperating with the stitch I was using, so I'll have to get normal thread. Also, I found the fleece for the hat and backpack at Walmart for $8! I was so stoked! haha I much prefer that to what I would have spent to order it online. I can't wait til next weekend to make more progress!
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