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I've only been to a few contest judgings myself, but I definitely recommend you give them a play-by-play of how you made the costume (if you did make it anyway), and don't be afraid to put some of your creation techniques into your MC intro either. Mention how hard you worked to get a particular part of your costume right if it was difficult or time consuming or you are particularly proud of it, ect. I can't tell for sure, but it seems to help some of the judges remember that way, and if you made your own costume (and it's still good) and most of the other competitors did not even if theirs is better, that often can work in your favor if it's more about the costume than energizing the audience with skits and stuff. There's a lot of different categories you might be able to go after if it's a big contest, so keep your options as varied as possible. You might not be the big winner, but maybe you can win a category of some kind instead, which is still pretty cool imo. Baby steps and all that.

Edit: I think that costume is pretty awesome btw. :3 If you are excited about your costume, good judges should respond to that instead of making you feel like a slab of meat just there to hold your costume up. I hope your judges are like that.
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