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Age: 18
Name: Jeffery. But I also go by Zavv (Z-ah-vv)
Skin Color: White, kinda pale
I Cosplay: Ichigo Kurosaki, my OC Mitsuko Murasaki, or Neku Sakuraba (desperately needs a v2 o.O )
Any Cosplays I plan on doing?: Lightning, Haru Glory, Kazuma the Shell Bullet, and possibly 9
My Next Cosplay I will be working on: Haru Glory or Lightning
Do I Crossplay?: About yes :P
State: Washington
City: Bonney Lake
If you have an account on any other cosplay/ Sites, put the links here:
Any Comments On the sites?: Nada
Upcoming cons?: Only one I know of is Sakura-Con but if anyone can help inform me that'd be great
Things we don't understand surround us constantly. Because of the unknown there's the joy of understanding, and because of the mysterious there's the excitment of discovery.
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