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Originally Posted by Nostrum View Post
Fantastic. Seriously, hands down best Lilith I've seen.
And I have to giggle. I found Lilith by googling for female game characters, liked the look of her, Youtubed some clips of Borderlands (listened to a track of her voice clips and thought 'Man she sounds like a bitch..') and then bought the game, and started planning my costume before I hit level 20.

Can I ask what product you used to make your tattoos?
Hahahaha that is vaguely similar to my "Lilith beginnings". Ever since it first came out several of my friends kept telling me I looked like this Lilith character in some game but I never really invested much thought into it. One day I saw the posting for Gearboxes live-action Lilith and I was like "hmmm...why not?", expecting nothing out of it. Each time they got in contact with me to progress further in their decision making I was like "really!?", then when it came down to a Skype meeting and only a few girls I thought "oh sh*t I better start playing this game" so I ran out and bought it. Totally fell in love with the character, didn't get the job, but continued to make my own costume of her for fun.

For the tattoos I used a film quality airbrush ink called "Endura". I wasn't able to airbrush it on because you can't really make a stencil of that pattern, so I actually hand painted it on. Jus be aware it doesn't come off easily. It's still on me at this exact second hahaha!
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