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Skit and Runway Entrants

I'm trying to subtitle the Cosplay Runway and Skit Contest videos. I prefer to give credit to those who entered by giving their name and cosplay/skit. (This also helps for those who were unable to hear the emcees.) However, the audio is somewhat iffy in a few places, so I'm looking for audience help.

If you know (FOR SURE) who the entrants were in the Runway or Skit Contest, please post below:

Name of the Group or Cosplayer
Name of cosplay character + series or skit name
(Runway only) Division if known, so I can more easily identify them

You don't have to identify the time they appeared (though you can do so if you like--use the AnimeFestTV videos on their YouTube channel and you can indicate the timing from that; I can match it against mine). For skits, you can identify the skit number since there were only 8-9 of those.

Thank you!!!

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