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Last year my fiance and I did Cloak and Dagger at NYCC. He got the easy end of the construction stick on that one, not to mention the pain of actually wearing it. It was great though.

This year we're going for Rogue and Gambit, Messiah Complex arc outfits, so he'll have the harder time of construction. =D My turn to just sew a cloak and some basic clothes.

I'm finally giving up on my Emma Frost for this year, though it's very possible that she'll reemerge later (worked too hard on that top to give it up just yet!).

Soo many hopeful Marvel costumes for the future though...there are just too many characters to pick from! I think my foremost wants would be to improve my Dagger costume (could've done a lot better, and when I have some extra money, I'll try again) and to give the Scarlet Witch a try.
Under Consideration:
Hepzibah (with the Corsair), Scarlet Witch (with Quicksilver), Dagger (with Cloak, 2013 Ultimate editions), Abigail Brand, Xorn (with Raze)

Chosen, In Planning:
Carmelita Fox (with Sly Cooper), Riza Hawkeye (with Roy Mustang), Emma Frost (with Namor, Phoenix Five editions)

Under Construction:
Ravager, Reina Roja (with Gabriel Santiago)
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