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Hey, this might be worth a try. I've been stumped for characters I look reasonably like for a long time. So here's me, on the right!

Extra info:

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 170lbs, unchanged for six years no matter what kind of care I take of myself. =P
Build: Unfortunately, I've got the build of a lifetime athlete, which is not in fact what most characters from anything look like. Big thighs (soccer!!!), narrows in at the hips, wide again at the bust. Pretty skinny, wimpy arms.
Hair: A little past the shoulders, dark brown except for white-blonde locks framing my face, soon-to-be bangs.
Eyes: Very green.
Skin: Mediterranean olive-y tan, no freckles.

I'm totally fine with wigs (my hair is only suitable for Rogue, basically), alright with crossplay though my preference is for females, and will not wear contacts (but I'm not usually a stickler for matching eye color of a character). I prefer costumes that exist and cover some body to those which do not.

So, can anyone think of someone besides Rogue? =D
Under Consideration:
Scarlet Witch (with Quicksilver), Dagger (with Cloak, 2013 Ultimate editions), Stahma Tarr

Chosen, In Planning:
Red (with Subject Unknown), Evie & Jacob (Lady and Duke outfits)

Under Construction:
Ravager, Braum (with Illaoi)

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