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Ello! I'm a 2nd year student in East Los Angeles College (not saying sophomore because I don't know when I'll finish college) majoring in Music (which I love to do) but I'm a bit uncertain of what I exactly want to do, I'm thinking of double majoring or having a minor as well (Visual, Performing Arts or Swimming). In general, I don't know which university I'd like to go haha XD (there's no anime club at ELAC baaaaah!)

Work comes to me when it happens so when I get that chance I'll do it.

I want to learn how to make my own cosplays (and clothes) but I have no time for that and no experience on that AHHHH XD so I've just started with Lolita~! <3 and bought stuff in the coscom marketplace XD not sure when I'll wear it XD (it's a Rachel Alucard cosplay, not sure if I'll be wearing that on Halloween all day in school since I have three classes that day....;_; aaaaaaand I only know one close friend and I haven't met some anime fans? XD)

I'm not sure if I'll ever go to any conventions like ALA, AM2 or AX (which is currently the only con I go to XD) for 2013 because I don't know anybody who I know would go with me *forever alone?*. I was going to ALA but I'm 90% certain that I won't make it to ALA since I'll be meeting my huge family for the first time ever in Peru! (I don't know if it's true but I hear that Peru's anime/comic conventions and festivals are one of the best ones ever held in Latin America!). So I'll look forward to that if they occur in January~. I live with my parents (and they're perfect with that hehe) and my college is only like 15 mins away via public transportation (I only take one bus)
Weeeee~! XD
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