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Originally Posted by Kitsunebi-chan View Post
just found out not all judges will look at your info,you cosplay portfolio or refence pics.... did all that for afest dallas las week and hey said they were too behind to go to much into detail
Both A-Fest and Akon are notorious for not giving a fig about any kind of documentation you give them or really about any work that goes into a costume. I wrote those contests off long ago due to poor judging and favoritism. Sorry that you had to experience their bad judges. Most contests are not like that though, well, the ones I compete in anyway are not.

I think documentation is extremely important. Not only does it include your reference of your character and/or conceptual artwork for your costume, which is important for the judges to see, it should include progress pics, construction notes and other tidbits that help to show you built the costume and how you might have worked out problems as they happened in the course of the build.

Just my two cents worth though.
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