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Sculptable / paintable foam for volumetric costume?

I have an idea for a larger costume I'd like to put together, but I'm not sure what materials would facilitate the process. I tried searching for "foam" on the forums but only found eva foam, which doesn't seem to be exactly what I want, but I've never worked with it before.

I'm thinking of one of those fellows on the right of the above picture. Ideally a 6-7ft costume, maybe 3-4ft in diameter.

I would like to have the mouth / eyes, and possibly some sublte carved ridges in the body, which i envision being a large cylinder, but I could probably handle painting those on and faking the ridges with shadows.

The last large costume I built involved a cardboard and hula-hoop skeleton with lots of duct tape. It ended up being very heavy and I don't plan to go that route again. I'm looking into foam or some similar material to build a lightweight but also largish costume.

So ideally: sculpt-able (mouth / face aspect), lightweight, paintable (super fine detail not required), can support a larger costume, and won't bankrupt me. Is this just some miracle material I'm dreaming up? What would you use?
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