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In 2011 we had a photoshoot on Sunday and we had around 20-ish cosplayers at the height and our own personal group was 9 people... and at MTAC this past year we had 12 people at that one, only 2 characters were doubles too!
There are a few groups of us that cosplay various characters to a bunch of different cons! We're out there if you look!
Oh wow really? :O That's amazing~! But the sad thing is I can only go to Anime North, maybe, just maybe to Fan Expo. But Anime North is the only pure anime based con I can go to, and I would love to have a photo shoot or two with Umineko and Higurashi. More so maybe on a Saturday, because I can never stay the whole day for a Sunday. It would be even more amazing this year coming because my boyfriend might be coming to visit me to go to Anime North (First time meeting each other~ Online relationships. DX) and we're planning to do a Beatrice and Battler cosplay together or maybe from Higurashi. But 2013 is going to be a huge year for me, it will also be the first year where I have more then one cosplay for the three days~
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