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Exclamation I Want to Cosplay a Lolita

Hello! I recently got into Lolita and all the cute costumes and the style and I can't stop looking at wigs, dresses, and other Lolita clothing. So basically, I'm fangirling.
I want to be a smart shopper for this and there's such a variety or wigs and dresses for Lolita and some of the products may be cheap since there's a lot of it. Does that make sense?
So does anyone have any places or suggestions where to shop for wigs, dresses, stockings and shoes. I know that's a lot to ask for.
I can never find the right shoes. NEVER! There either too gothic looking or too much is going on. And I've never shopped for Lolita shoes before and I have no idea if they're durable or if the buyer is reliable.

Oh and dresses with either puffy sleeves or long sleeves are fine, just not any straps.
Please help and other tips would be nice.
Keep trying and trying and never give up.

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