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Otakon 2013: Kingdom Hearts

I didn't see one up so I decided to start one. Here it is for all the Kingdom Hearts cosplayers out there going as someone from this series next year. I'll put up times and dates for a photoshoot or photoshoots later. Depending on how many we'd all like to have, whether it be one or more. If you're cosplaying from this series say who you're being and i'll add you to the list. Can't wait to see everyone there!! ^_^


Sora- Throdien (lion version)
Riku- zero_set_dai09's friend (Halloween Town version)
Joshua- Stephishness (possibly)


Saix- Kife
Axel- zero_set_dai09's finace (Halloween Town version)
Luxord- zero_set_dai09's
Marluxia- Bombii Z (princess or wonderland version, possibly)
Roxas- zero_set_dai09 (Halloween Town version)
Luxord- zero_set_dai09's friend (Halloween Town version)

Friday August 9th
Saturday August 10th

As My fiance and I can no longer attend zero_set_dai09 will be taking over Friday's photoshoot. If anyone wants take over saturday's photoshoot please let me know and i will add you here. I will still add people to the list and add times and locations to this post once the new people over seeing the shoots give me a time and place.

Otakon 2015
Thursday- Pokemon ~ Espeon (gijinka)
Friday- Blazblue Chrono Phantasma ~ Noel Vermillion/ Pokemon ~ Espeon (gijinka)
Saturday- Blazblue Chrono Phantasma ~ Noel Vermillion
Sunday-Pokemon ~ Espeon (gijinka)

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