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@ Terra~Esper: Try to stay positive. Next year will be better. I really look forward to seeing some Celes posts from you!!

@ Tifaia: I already responded to your post on the Old School thread, but I didn't want to skip over you. :P

@ MDA: Wow you are busy!! 8 - 12 costumes??? You are crazy. :P I can really see how Ultimecia will be a real pain to travel with. I use big plastic bins for my cosplays, everything fits in them but the wig usually. Is that a possible option for you? It sounds like Kuja is getting a few fixes, that's good. I hope it won't take you too long to get it how you want. I was focusing on repairs a lot this year and though it's great, I sometimes feel like I am not accomplishing anything. :P

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Beatrix - Final Fantasy IX
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