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Originally Posted by La Tulipe Noire View Post
Oo~ I'll stop by as well to give a shout out to my fellow college cosplayers. I'm in my final year of college majoring in Anthropology, planned to minor in History but advisers messed that up and now it's too late!

I travel back and forth so I attend cosplay events in two different states. It can be difficult to manage, but in the end it's worth it!
Another Anthropology major! Only I'm Biological Anthropology. :P
I'm 20, soon to be 21 on the 19th, just graduated JC with an A.A. to transfer to get my B.A in Biological Anthropology. :3

Just got a sewing machine to start making my own cosplays, having cosplayed lightly since I was 13. I've been to small con's in my city, and to AWA once when I was younger. I don't start classes again until January, so that gives me some time to work on some things. Hoping to do some Zelda, oldoldollllddd Zelda, most likely Marin. Also "Goddess" Zelda from Skyward sword. Easy stuff that won't kill my budget. ^^
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