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People needed for Hotel Room

Hi guys! Uh I'm not sure if this thread belongs here, but I'll give it a shot and move it if needed. 8D

So my friend and I have a room at the convention center, but we need two more people to fill it. (cut cost and all that) The room is in her name, so I'll have to get the details from her if you have questions, but she doesn't have a account so I had to make the thread. We plan to leave for the con on Thursday to get our badges.

This is also kinda our birthday party. My birthday is on Sunday of the con and hers is in December, but she can't have a party then because of her classes. So anyone who wants to party at our room is welcome. No alcohol or drugs allowed please, I'm a minor and she doesn't drink or condone drugs.

You can bring us a present if you wish, but you don't have too. Just being at the con is a present in and of itself.

Cake is probably gonna be rainbow layer cake. (AKA white cake with food-coloring) and I'm going to TRY to get it professionally done so that it has a page from a yaoi doujin on top. 83 gotta love a good yaoi cake.

We would like it if you could get your own ride to the convention center. Normally we would LOVE to give you guys rides, but this year the van is elsewhere so we only have a tiny little Corola to squeeze into.

the cost if we get two people is $135 I KNOW, I KNOW it's a lot, but the room itself is $525 and is actually AT the convention center so you don't have to walk.


okay, so here's the list so far

Katie (room is in her name)
Barbara (not going)
Sam (not going)
John (is going)
Jkid (assumed forfeit)
BetrThanSeguchi (is going)
lulu.doll (if all else fails, she and her friend will be there)
Steampunk!Lady Loki

AnimeUSA 2012

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