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High Five for Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita cosplayers! I'm making a small army of fairies as well to go with my Watashi.

Fastasy sheep as a few wigs you can order that would work. You just have to show the link and mention the color you want to the person that runs their Ebay account and they will list it for you.
^ This one is perfectly pre-styled I was socked to find it you just need the tease the bangs abit more to get the poofyness she has with hair spray.

Some other sellers I trust. ca0de8bd

I'm going to order this one for my larger head from Arda Wigs and add either wefts or another short wig to fill out the crown area. The are going to have a sale on the 21st so I'm waiting to place my order then for 15% off.

Also something to be aware of that if you can't find the right shade of fabrics to go with her costume (pastels are hard to find) you will need to go slightly darker with the wig. This is because the wig color in a pale pink look washed out next to bolder shades of fabric.

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