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Name of Commissioner: Negai-Boshi


Character commissioned and series/video game: Cerebella's Vice-Versa hat - Skullgirls

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: August 21 - September 6th

Describe your Experience: I asked Negai through DA Private Messaging about being able to make a fleece hat for me and she said that she would do it. And you would never gonna believe how much she is charging me: 23 bucks! The price was definitely right! And so we have been communicating back and forth and of course she sent me progress pictures. She would do exactly how you want it like I would tell her to be the wires in the horn so it would stand, and she pretty much did that without any problems. She lives at the west coast while I live in the east coast, but the shipping only took 2 days even though she was from across the country. I was very pleased with the hat since I think it look so adorable and she really make the hat look more accurate from the references I gave her. The only problem was the arms since its a little stiff, but thats not really her fault since I couldn't tell how much should it be stuffed. Heck she made that hat look so cute that I would even consider it as a plushie as well. LOL Best part was that she even refund the rest of the shipping money that she doesn't need to pay for it. So if you want a fleece hat for casual wear or for cosplay I would totally recommend her!

Pro: Shipped very fast, Good Communicator, Very nice person, and the hat looks amazing and it fits well!

Con: I got nothing!

Final Grade: A+
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