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okay my experience with afest!

this year i volunteered again and had fun. from what i heard was that only 50% of volunteers that signed up were actually there. thats not good

bagdes.... too big....

Cosplay contest

i agree with everyone that it should be moved to saturday. its just too crazy on friday. i had got crash space and didnt get into my room till like 5 pm and had to rush back for pre judging for them to be behind and stuff. too much stress. and on saturday, there will be more people to see the show.

judging can be better for the con....

Raves and ball

they were fine to me enjoy them. enjoyed seeing the hitachin twins ( real twins ) at both events XD

photo shoot space

i wish this con can add a section in the program book for some photo shoots for the weekend. that would be awesome.

other parts of the con were good with me


big plus about the new hotel is the plaza of americas! i love that little sandwich place in the back! never going to starve at a this con!!

sad thing about the move is the not so great photo shoot places. cancer plaza was over run by soo many shoots >>

panels... awesome

biggest let down??


omg i was very dissappointed in this. i love to go to the game room to play dance central ( love the tourneys for it) this game room was in the hotel part way hidden so takes a min to find it. all the tvs were very small and had horrible sound quality. for some game like figting games etc where you are really close to the screen thats fine but for games like DDR, Rock band and dance central, that is not acceptable! the worse was dance central. very small tv, crappy sound for that tv with no speaker. its stupid to play that game with out hearing it. with unless the room was dead silent, you cant hear it.
ddr only had one pad so no doubles playing and only had the one game so no alternate music options. heard the same songs over and over.

really that gaming room could have been so much better.... i know me an like 20 other people talked about playing dance central and ddr at least a few times that weekend and really it was a HUGE turn off... if thats the only equiptment that they had, thats fine but really couldve thought the game =ing needs a lot better than what they did

also on friday, i was shot in the face by a nerf gun bullet that was checked....that little punk disappeared before i could eliminate him... ( i know for he was talking about it for like a secon and i saw the tag but didnt see the bullet coming
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