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Wacom: I've been messing with it a bit. It takes a little getting used to, but I think it will definitely help with some of those photos. I'll send you some from the FF6 shoot when I improve them enough.

Zant: Thanks. I look forward to seeing it.

Jigsaw: I do like my Ryobi that I have and it's not too expensive. I also know Craftsman makes one that's about $50 that is at Sears since I work there.

Mascots: The plushie pattern was kind of what I was going for. As for taped cellophane, I need to try that. That sounds like an idea that could work when I sew the fleece on the head. Do you have a link to the tutorial? I was just wondering if it's the same idea that I was going for. More progress should be coming in the next couple days. Oh yeah, I'm going to need to make a "fat suit." Any suggestions on that? I was probably going to layer a piece of lycra over a t-shirt and stuff between the fabric if that makes sense.

Workout: That's good to hear you are doing some bike riding as well. I do have to start adding that weight lifting component. I did go on a 20 mile ride the day before yesterday, and was quite tired after taking a few days off. I guess it's all about the consistency.

Esper Terra: It sounds like Duct tape dummies do work pretty well. Maybe I should have one made of myself when I work on Spencer's. I hear you on the adjustable dress form. I have that issue as well. Spencer and I are going to do this duct tape dummy this weekend and he said he'll start working on shadow's armor as well. I'll go ahead and send that to you.

Dissidia Update: That should make for some nice autumn photos at Lithia. Terra has a very colorful costume, so it should look nice. I think it's the translation for Locke-san a Edgar-san. Terra probably uses very polite Japanese when she speaks. Patterning a corset does not sound like fun, although I wouldn't have any idea there. I hear you on the busy con season. Like your Rapunzel, Gestahl will probably be a pretty long term project..

My update: The main thing about fiberglass and cloth is the strands that come loose from the cloth are a pain to deal with. They become really hard and sharp, and have to be sanded down. I'm hoping this time, I'll be able to deal with it better. Fiberglass is nice when done well.

Something Dissidia Related: Well, I think Esper Terra counts since she changes into that form for EX-Mode in the game. I suppose you still have that

@tifaia - It looks like you have quite a few projects to do. Good luck on them!

@MDA - It sounds like the wings can be a challenge. I really want to do a winged cosplay some day. Well, I do have Dart from LoD planned.
In Progress:

Pen Pen (Evangelion) - 10%
Duke Pantarei (Tales of Vesperia) - 95% - wig needs restyling.
Cecil Harvey (FF Dissidia) - 10%


Emperor Gestahl (Final Fantasy VI)
Rakushun Rat form (Twelve Kingdoms)
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
Link Zora Armor (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

Desired, but not confirmed:

Dart Dragoon Form (LoD)
Dark Helmet (Spaceballs)

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