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Originally Posted by Cilo View Post
Hey there! I'm looking to cosplay Game of Thrones, mostly for my mom because I grew up with the books around the house, admiring the covers and she's such a big fan that it would be a great surprise for her, and since the first season started airing, I've also started being a big fan too.

So here I am, wondering which of Sansa or Arya I'd fit better. While keeping in mind that I am not a strong sewing person.
Here's a picture of me. Looking as natural as I can. Haha. Side-ish: Front-ish:

Both of the outfits I'd love to cosplay have some difficulties I'd like to overcome. The Arya one being the second season with the straps, and the Sansa problem is her hair and the belt.

Thanks in advance!
How tall are you? I'd say if you're short, do Arya, but I think with the right wig, you'd make a beautiful Sansa! You have a regal look about you.
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