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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
I can see the Men's Werewolf & Vampire Costume being popular.

Personally I would make for a manatee then a mermaid with my figure if i tired the other pattern. lol
Originally Posted by Kaijugal View Post
I think that would be awesome. XD You crack me up Ani_Bee.
I stand by the my first comment about me making a better manatee then a mermaid but I was struck by inspiration and will be taking on the mermaid pattern.

I want to do it! It will be a horror costume and I'm super excite to raid the Halloween stores and look for a number of things. I also get to use the BOX of shells as decorations I have. I knew there was a reason I didn't throw them out. I actually want to start making it now but all the material are probably going to take awhile to source/manufacture.

I hope everyone will cringe when they see me. lol It definitely fills the monsters and mythos of this years theme. I'll probably finish it for Haloween 2013 so that I can wear it out.

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