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Originally Posted by XxMai-chanxX View Post
I'm sorry. I'm just learning the terminology and everything, so I apologize if I'm unclear. I just recently got into the fashion. I mean, I don't dress like a Lolita but I just fell in love with all the different clothing and all the different styles and I want to try dressing like one. Although, I haven't tried on anything yet, I feel most comfortable aiming towards the Kodona style because I rarely wear dresses anyway. And thank you for all the other tips! I'll look for them! And I have a question. Is a good store to shop or no?
Google is your best friend. This was the first result when searching for reviews on that website:

Any shop that uses stolen pictures is a place you should stay away from, by the way!

I'm not busy right now so I'll help you out a bit. As a tip, please never use the words 'costume' and 'lolita' interchangeably. It is rude to us lolitas as our style is a legit clothing style. And to be honest you don't need a wig to wear lolita - I know a lot of newbies think this but it is not a requirement! I've been wearing lolita for... years xD I have never bought a wig for lolita and don't plan to any time soon.

Compared to lolita there aren't that many shops that feature just kodona stuff, but I do know fanplusfriend does some pieces, and last time I checked bodyline had one or two things. Alice and the Pirates, Moi Meme Moitie, Black Peace Now and Atelier Boz are major brands that come on the top of my head that regularly have kodona/boystyle and there are some shops from taobao (its like a ultra cheap Chinese version of ebay - you need a shopping service to order there) like Infanta and R-series that might be up your alley.

Oh, and kodona/boystyle wise you may have pretty good luck in stores finding blouses, jackets, vests and accessories to finish up your looks. Its all in how you style it.

You asked about shoes earlier. Shoe wise, well that depends on the style your going for. For classic and gothic looks you can get away with shopping in your local shoe store for the most part if your on a budget. For sweet I would suggest either shopping brand websites (like btssb, Meta, and Angelic Pretty) or bodyline (I can personally say that I do find their shoes comfortable!) Sizing can be a bit odd from bodyline however so I suggest doing a search on reviews and deciding what's best for you.

For your reading pleasure: is a great place to start.
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