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Official Information on Zombietalia

So I heard back, and my zombietalia panel was accepted, which is exciting! But I do need some panelists. These are the characters I DO NOT NEED
  • America(Alfred F Jones)
  • Spain: Antonio
  • North Italy: That one is Pending
  • EnglandArthur Kirkland)
  • Denmark: (Pending)

I am taking up to 6 more people, if the pendings fall through I will go ahead and select others. Now here's the basic's of who I DO need for this panel.
  • Germany: Note, he turns into a zombie at the end
  • France:
  • Russia
  • Prussia

Audition information!

Send the application with the title :Zombietalia panel: -character name- Audition.
Send it to

Alright! So this is the application to send me as well as a photo of the costume for this panel!

Dresscode: Dress code is basically clothing you'd wear in a zombie apocolypse. It SHOULD NOT be their canon uniform. If you want, you may have ONE thing that the character is known for wearing. Like America will be wearing their bomber jacket.

Name:-Your name-
Age: -your age-
Character: -Character you're applying for-
Weapon:-Weapon your character will use. You need this for a prop-
Reason why to accept you into the panel:
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