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Originally Posted by Patcave View Post
Cool! I love action shots.

Originally Posted by bodatheyoda View Post
Deathrooper (Zombie Stormtrooper) just a hall photo I took at Celebration a few weeks ago
Nice. I drew a lot of inspiration from various zombie Stormtroopers for my Franken-Stig costume.

Picture of the day, again from Dragon*Con. Maybe if I ration these out, I'll have enough to keep one shot per day until I start getting some Halloween work.

I took a lot of walkabout shots on Saturday but most of them weren't up to my usual standards, I was exhausted and not paying attention to my settings, and dragged the shutter just a bit too long for the flash to cleanly freeze people. 1/40 works, 1/8 doesn't. :/

Saturday night we went to the Georgia Aquarium; they closed it early to the general public, then re-opened it for Dragon*Con attendees. The aquarium was nice and cool, with a fun party atmosphere and a DJ and everything. I had taken a little bit of my gear along to get some shots of Bioshock cosplayers. After asking politely, the aquarium staff was kind enough to let us set up in a little unused area behind the information desk.

These are with one Speedlight in an umbrella on a real stand (usually to camera left) and one bare Speedlight for the back/rim light. I left the rim light mounted on my steampunk photo rig backpack, and just propped it over in the corner as a short lightstand.

Ohhh, it's hard to pick just one favorite. Since I already posted six fun ones in the Dragon*Con Bioshock thread, here's one more that I really liked.

I've used this technique before; it works very well on someone with sharp features or stark makeup: Position your main light (umbrella, in this case) directly to the side of the subject , or maybe slightly behind. Rim light from the back and side, opposite side of the main light. Have the subject lean in a bit to the camera and make sure the nose is exactly pointed at the camera, and exactly parallel to the light source. I would have liked my rim light to be a little higher so I could point it down for a bit more definition in the shoulder, but my backpack lightstand doesn't go any higher, so this'll do.

Full disclosure, I used Lightroom's adjustment brush to tweak exposure to clean and straighten up the vertical separation in the middle; and, to improve the contrast of the eye and eyebrow makeup. Otherwise, this is very close to as it was shot.

May I present: Sander Cohen.

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