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Originally Posted by Soulflare View Post
No idea... I had a private shoot there on Friday with light stands and nobody bothered us, didn't hear anything about having to preschedule use of the area. None of the other shoots (someone compiled a google calendar with all the shoots going on culled from here and facebook) were set for Sheraton at noon that day... who knows. Maybe it was the size of the crowd? Hopefully next year they'll post policy signs re: photoshoots. I'm gonna try to remember to email d*c folk to maybe get Sheraton to clarify.

I'm becoming more convinced that the Hilton's 3 or 4 lounge floors (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th?) are the best indoor photoshoot spots, even if the carpet patterns are absolutely hideous... lol.
Yeah, it seems like something the Sheraton made up right then because of the large number of people. And DITTO HILTON LOUNGES
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