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I am almost done with my first two steampunk guns. I did bring them both to Otakon 2012 and they were both a big success.

Gun #1 is kind of themed for a pirate or smuggler or some other lower class person and is made to look and feel kind of rough and kept working with what ever was at hand.

Gun #2 was built for my under construction evil mad scientist costume. Its a "prototype" rifle version of Nikola Tesla's death ray. I am thinking of taking on the fictitious role of Nikola Tesla's evil half brother who is almost as smart as Nikola and "half as crazy but twice as evil".

I have also started on two new guns as well, one will be of similar design to the death ray rifle and the other is a "functional" grapple gun. It will have a working grapple hook that can be loaded and fired (with a range of about 2 or 3 feet) and should look the part quite nicely. I will post up pictures of these two as I get further into the builds and they start to take shape.
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