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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
Thank you very much. It's a big help. Now, what are fibre-reactive dyes? Dyes made specifically for certain fibres?
I actually have no idea on the specific origins of the term (Wiki indicates the term is from the dye mechanism, where a chemical reaction's involved directly with the substrate fabric XD ), but I've seen it as a generic for "Procion MX" dyes -- they're used primarily for cellulose fibres (e.g. cotton, rayon), but can also take on protein fibres (e.g. silk, wool). They work in conjunction with soda ash (or acid, for protein fibre) and salt, which you have to add yourself, but come in a wide variety of colours, are pretty economical, and in my experience give pretty good results and flexibility. I get mine from Dharma Trading.
TBH, I use them because RIT dye and I don't seem to get along, but if you've had good results with RIT there's no reason not to keep using it.
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