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@ FinalEva:

Wacom: I am glad you have had a chance to mess with it a bit more. I am sure it will be useful. That would be great if you could send some of those finished photos my way!

Jigsaw: OKay great thanks! I will research it some, but it's good to know some base prices.

Mascots: I can't find the plushie one, but I found the actual one for mascot heads, which is what you need it for anyway. :P I don't think this person covered the head in plastic wrap, but with masking tape instead. I think both could work though. When I get home I will look for the other one for you if you want. As for the fat suit, I wonder if you could sew foam or something of that sort to a stretchy shirt or suit? If it has to be shown you would cover it in a flesh colored spandex once it's in the right place.

Workout: I have actually been doing pretty good this week. I did my cardio, did some upper body weight lifting, and went on a bike ride. Today is abs and tomorrow is lower body weight lifting. I am glad you are keeping up with it though! Staying consistent is what it's all about. If you are worried about the weight lifting, you can slowly add it to your routine.

Tape Dummies: They are super awesome. I bet they could really help you with your mascot costumes too. I mean you will have to try it on often to see if it's doing what you want, but at least the form is the one being stabbed when you are sewing pieces on instead of you. :P Good luck with making the dummy this weekend, and if you have the time I would say you should make one for yourself! That's great to hear Spencer will be working on Shadow soon too! That's exciting.

Terra and Long Term Projects: I haven't done a photoshoot for Terra in a long time and it would be nice to have some shots of the updated pieces. I originally thought Terra would look best as a spring photoshoot, but I think fall might be a nice change. We will see!! As for Gestahl, it's kind of nice to have a long term project. I have to admit before I finished the embroidery, it was always nice to know that if I didn't want to do anything else, I could embroider Rapunzel. Now that's all gone. Well actually it's a good thing, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss it. I doubt Gestahl will take you that long though!! I am sure once you start him, you won't want to stop until he's finished.

My update: Well good luck with the fiberglass, it certainly sounds like it could be really difficult to work with. I'd probably accidentally stab myself or something... :P

Something Dissidia Related: Oh good point!! Well when I have something to report on her I shall. Actually next year is pretty heavy for FF cosplays. I have Esper Terra, Edea, and Minwu.

@ Benihime: That's awesome! Welcome to the thread. I really look forward to seeing another Terra cosplayer and honestly, I don't think I have seen anyone do her black version, so props to you! I wish you luck on your weight loss plan as well. FinalEva and I are keeping tabs on each other to help us stay motivated in our own weight loss goals, you can join us if you want.

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