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Item Commissioned: Cerebella Wig

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: No pictures since she never even gave me any...

Timeline: July 23 - Today

Experience: I saw that Kkroxas was offering wig commissions and I figured why not go to her since she does have a portfolio on her Facebook and she seems to be posting up progress photos. After I paid her the half of my payment she all of a sudden disappeared online. She told me through PM that she got the base wig, however when I asked her photos for evidence she said that she have to work at night and couldn't be able to do so. Then all of sudden she got 'sick' and wasn't on facebook for days at a time. I tried my best to communicate with her through Deviantart and facebook but nothing happened. May I say that she told me that she would even post up more progress pictures every 3 days before I gave her the money. I understand that there were health issues going on, but she could at least let me know ahead of time right? WRONG! She never let me know!

I gave her some time to respond back, but then I noticed the signs that she was a scammer as there were complaints that was posted up on her facebook. And it wasn't till recently I noticed that she was indeed a scammer since she stole pictures from the people she commissioned to and guess what? She never had that item since she was making excuses for not paying the stuff (since she was spending money on the other people she scammed). And on top of that, she was online 3 days ago and she doesn't even bother helping out with her consumers with their problems with her! I have to say that I am thankful for the other people who fell for her tricks as well for giving me all this information that I need to know.

And so, I got my money back today since I had a feeling it was time to act fast before paypal wouldn't do anything about it; which she didn't even tell her side of the story since she was out hiding from us. Oh and the due date was suppose to be next week and not once have I receive a picture of the wig she was suppose to work on.

Final Comments: Do NOT fall for her tricks as she will scam you and she will disappear online right near your due date!

Final Grade: F-
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