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@Seifer: Yeah, some of my friends tell me I'm crazy because I make so many in a year. If I can manage to finish all the ones that remain on my list for 2012, I'll have made..... 22-24 costumes? ^^;; I'm very motivated. One of said cosplays will be debuted this weekend, so knocking it up to 17 to date XD (for 2012.... the rest... oh god OTL soooo many)
And my mom helping is great! Dad, well.... he's more of a downer... -_- In his mind my mom made Kuja. HA no.

I'd use tubs for Kuja, but uh... All the cons he's been to, not convenient to carry around plastic storage bins. Rider stands as the easiest to transport XD Her and Ren.

Even repairs is achieving something, it's making improvements to something you love At least that's how I view it.

@Final: Yeah, the wings are gonna be such a pain @_@ I'll be talking to Liliana and Nefer a LOT about this since they have wings to make as well. Lil' has the most >> Her and her Emperor obsession *gets Emperor's horn in the eye* GAH!

Oh! Remember how Liliana, Nefer and I entered Con-G's masquerade back in February? Masquerade videos are finally up online!
Next Convention:: Otakuthon
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