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Originally Posted by Zeles View Post
I"m cosplaying as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts and Serah from Final Fantasy, and I was looking for blue contacts; and I had some questions.
I wear hard lenses because my eyes are funky (I'm not exactly sure, but my eye doctor said it's shaped differently), so would it look messed up if I wore soft color contacts? (Or hurt my eyes?)
Also, is Pinky Paradise a good website for color contacts? I have really bad eyesight as is so I don't want to impair it >.< (Btw, I'm just going to wear my glasses with my cosplay then take it off whenever I need to so I don't need prescription)
Thanks in advance
To be honest, hard lenses are not prescribed on a whim. In fact, nowadays they are prescribed for exceptional cases while most people can wear soft lenses. You are wearing them for a reason. If your eyes are shaped in a certain way naturally, your eye doctor may be using the lenses to try and "reshape" the corneas. While Pinky is a safe place to buy lenses, definitely ask your eye doctor if you could safely wear soft color contacts. Given your situation, he or she will be the only one who can answer that.
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