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@Beni: Yea!!!! Welcome to the thread of awesomes. XD Happy to read that you're jumping into the foray that is FF costumes. I haven't seen anyone do the black version yet. That should be really interesting! Dissidia could def. use more female characters.

But seriously if you ever have any questions or need feedback, this is one of the best threads to come to.

@Final: Thanks for all of the comments that I haven't responded to! >.> I don't know if it was here or in the other thread but Rydia's wig wasn't as difficult as I had expected it to be. Just threw in some hairspray and gel. I was really happy with the color that I didn't have to mess with it.

@Lil: I only say it'd be hot to do Ulti because I would do spandex or something for the flesh areas. No way am I don't bare skin. Nu-uh. lol

@MDA: Yea! Can finally see what the heck you all have been talking about for the past few months! You guys did great. ^^ Love the humor you interjected into it, and you could tell you guys were really acting out the lines (most people just bob their head along and don't really go in sync with the lines).

And 22-24 costumes in a year? Yeash! Lil's rubbing off on to you. o_O

@Seifer: HIIIIIIIII. Not Dissidia related but Rose's outfit is nearly finished. That wig is probably going to give me nightmares.

And anyone else I missed, HI!
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Dear society: want us to stop dressing up skanky? Stop putting only the skanky chicks on G4 and start giving your comic women pants.
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