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MDA!!!!! GAH, WHY???? ...that skit...on video...NOOOO!!!! We barely hear anything that is said, and the skit all goes according to the music arrangement/voice dubbing/sound effect -_-; Gahh, no!!! DON'T LOOK AT IT!!! *Hides under Emperor's cape...because yes I don't care at this point where I hide!*

@FinalEVA: Ahhh, ok! Gah, I thought you meant you were using it for gems, please excuse my slow brain, gah! *headdesk* (...and my slow reply...that you can blame my lazyness and ff6 xD).

@Liliana: ...ya and I'll start replying in the song with you, new way to make people afraid of Emperor and Sephiroth, they'll think we went insane xD ...uh...well more insane than usual... x''D

@MDA: Well, actually 2013 seems to be quite hand free! ...well...less than WoL anyway xD And 2014....actually...I'll handed O.O 7 weapons, and free handed, OMG, I'll go berserk O.O (...hopefully in a good way xD).

@tifaia: Lol, awww, I see about the evilness xD ...hitting fanboys is always a good way to take out stress as well though, so go girl, hit them all you want if you feel like it! :P's been two cons since I cosplayed a 'evil' character personally, I feel like Rosa will be evil at the next con x'D (...though Liliana already knows that, I'll try to restrain myself I swear xD). Oh, awesome Rydia btw! I love the way your nailpolish fits with your wig, awesome added detail!

...and not feeling like answering more, my hands are dead after sanding katanas all afternoon, index and thumb are almost double their normal size ^^; Dissidia update, just Sesshomaru stuff and more material for Setzer bought as well as more feathers for Sephiroth's one wing *shrugs* ...and feathers went up in price, well only for the black ones, OF COURSE *sigh*

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