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Originally Posted by 27XxJuDaImExX27 View Post
I'm going Saturday, and maybe Sunday. I'll be Pepper Potts both days, and hopefully I'll have a Steve and Tony with me one of those days. c: If not I'll probably just cling to the first Pepper-less Tony I can find for a bit haha.

By the way, does anyone know if you have to buy your ticket online, or can you get it at the con? My friend was wondering, since she's not really allowed to buy things from the Internet.
We should meet up!! I'll be Bethany from the iron man comics. She is head of security and one of Tony's many ex's. lol! I'll be there on Sat. PM me!
You should be able to buy at the door. Did you try and call the con. center?? I did that with pop con and they said you can buy at the door..bbuutt that was pop con. Best to call and ask rather than show up and not be able to get your friend in.

Update: Did ask someone in the mando mercs and they said yes you can buy tickets there.
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