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@MDA & Nefer: ......Bad audio is bad. I can't even watch our skit without cringing @____@ *hides under her cape with Nefer* I SHOULD HAVE SEWN THIS CAPE BIGGER! IT CAN BARLY FIT US BOTH! *royal Empy butt sticking out* XD Never doing a voiced skit again lol. GAH. DX

@Tifaia & MDA: LOL..... ya, poor MDA I think she did get bit by the Liliana bug. Or whatever it is. XD It's a nasty curse you know lol. I still have like 30 cosplay under go in my room, I should take pics of them all, even though there isn't a whole lot to see on them. xP (like Celes, Edward, Ultimecia, WoL, Kefka, Exdeath, Siren, Ephriam, SoR Emperor, Locke, Bartz 1,2,3 and 4...) Oh wellz. I can't remember who's all in the making anymore lol.

@Tifaia: Ohhh!!! I see! and ahaha indeed, that is a lot of skin to show x''D I'm nervous about showing that much of my chest too when I get my Ulty done, also for modesty sakes in public.

@MDA: Who has an Emperor cosplaying obsession? *looks around* Can't wait to see CoD! did you do more work on her yet?

@benihime: Hello there! Terra's black outfit? I love that outfit!! It is very beautiful! I also hope to make it someday... I've only seen a few cosplayers cosplay it. Good luck with that!!! It makes me happy you wanna take that on.~

@Everyone else: Hiii! I love yous. ;A; I have NOT NOT NOT been doing well lately (go health... again.. yeahhh) Go being in great pain for almost 2 weeks. @_@ I even had to change my diet! I'm doing better right now though, so I have energy to make a cosplay again and play videos games without having to go lay down somewhere lol. XD so YAY!!! XD
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