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Originally Posted by Jonowxeno View Post
Less than 24 hours. I'm excited!

May have to drop my Dust cosplay, just for this event. Over the fact of all the unrest in the middle east over that nasty movie. (I watched it, it was horrible!)
Also, because it was filmed here in So Cal- I will be profiled once I walk in as her.
Now, I know what worry Muslim woman may feel about going outside everyday during these events. My heart goes out to them. <3
Sorry to anyone who may of been looking forward to it. Will post pics once it's done!
平和、愛、と尊敬を (Peace, love, and respect)

Costumes working on: American Dream & Dust <3

Comikaze Sat. only. Bethany Cabe(from iron man comics) and later in the day Dust(from x-men comics)(< Dropped due to unrest in the middle east)
Nuke the fridge con American Dream(if finished) Dust(if AD isn't finished)
Long Beach Comic Con (Maybe)
Cosplay FB page

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