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Originally Posted by Freight View Post
Gah! One of the obscure characters I'm a fan of!

Damn politics...
Sorry! Might go to LBCC as her,or nuke the fridge, if American Dream isn't done. (Most likely won't be.). Should be enough time for things to clam down a little.
4 innocent men were killed just because of this movie. One of which was an US ambassador. So, it has gotten pretty steep. Will be there as Bethany Cabe. Another lesser known comic character from Iron Man.
平和、愛、と尊敬を (Peace, love, and respect)

Costumes working on: American Dream & Dust <3

Comikaze Sat. only. Bethany Cabe(from iron man comics) and later in the day Dust(from x-men comics)(< Dropped due to unrest in the middle east)
Nuke the fridge con American Dream(if finished) Dust(if AD isn't finished)
Long Beach Comic Con (Maybe)
Cosplay FB page

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