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So there is this giant knot...(Updated with new question!)

That just loves to reform itself in the middle of my Grell wig.

And no matter what I do, the top looks like this.

I have tried everything; the hairdryer method, the straightener method, the half water and half body lotion method and the hot water method. ; w ; My convention is in 30 somewhat days and I don't want to waste time to get a new one, if this wig is not save-able.

I would brush it with a wide tooth comb and then run my fingers through it, and it would tangle immediately.

Is there any way to save this wig?! D:
Thank you guys!

So I finally was able to get off my lazy ass and use the Silicon spray that everyone has been raving about and I have to say I am AMAZED that it worked ; 3 ; However, there is a small issue.
The wig fibers look darker than usual and they retained the petroleum smell. :[ It even looks a bit...greasy if you will.
Is there any way to get rid of the smell and/or the greasy look? D:

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