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The kno tlook like you made it yourself by not starting a the bottom and working you way up.

But start by getting slicone spray from a hardware/automotive store.

Spray the crap out of the knot and start toi finger comb the thing breaking it into larger section and then work those sections. You will probably need 8 hours to so this and A LOT of patients. Do rush it, and go slowly.

Once the are is knot free then you reset the kinks with hot water. Never try to straighten a wig this is still tangled or knot as this makes the issue worse.

If it still looks like a frizzy mess then you only spent a day on this.

Do you know a specific brand that could work? D: I never saw the spray ; 3 ;

What happens if it still remains frizzy but not knotted? What should I do then?
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