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Originally Posted by chupachan View Post
I think I'm going to start Insanity next week. In the past I've done Max Interval/Plyo/Conditioning on days when I wanted to spice up my workout, and I found them pretty fun. I'm just gonna skip the first month (I don't find it challenging enough) and go straight to the second, but still aim for 60 days. OR maybe I'll go for Asylum, that one looks super fun! Any tips, Drazhar?
In all honesty? Asylum kind of scares me a bit, but Asylum 2 is coming out soon enough, so it might be just what you need.

My right knee was crackling a little bit during my cooldown lunges last night, kinda unnerving, but I'm used to hearing those sounds now anyway.

I would say if you don't find the first month's stuff challenging enough to go ahead and get Asylum, the rope ladder things mess a lot of people up, and it's an even faster program!

Best of luck and share your results!
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