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@ FinalEva: I am so glad!! I'm looking forward to working on the design for you too!! If you want I can add some trim to Gestahl as well. Ebay has an awesome selection. I even picked up some red trim for Edgar because I loved how it looked on Shadow. :P

Current Projects:
Rapunzel - Tangled - 45%
Flynn - Tangled - 10%
Charlotte Elbourne - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - 20%
Meier Link - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - 10%
A-ko - Project A-ko - 80%
Minwu - Final Fantasy II - 20%

Planned Projects:
Mia Fey - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Rosa - Final Fantasy IV
Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII
Beatrix - Final Fantasy IX
Sailor Moon / Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon (Someday!!)
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