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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
I think it'll be more like "Resistance" was for PS3. A go-to game at launch which the sequels will never match-up to in sales, not because of quality or ability, but because the fanbase just isn't there. It could, by all counts, sell amazingly well on Wiiu. Platinum will greenlight Bayonetta 3, and it won't sell nearly as well, simply due to the timeframe.

In fact, the negative reaction by so many Bayonetta fans more or less implies that it isn't a system seller (since they're not willing to buy the system to play it). Of course, people could go out and buy it anyway, only time will tell.

This is, of course, depending on whether Bayonetta 2 is actually good. For all we know it could end-up being a misstep. Not likely, but lets not go jumping to conclusions either.
Well, the negative reaction was, "AWW MAN! NOW I GOTTA BUY A NEW CONSOLE?!? F-THAT!," when its' like, news flash, even if it wasn't on the WiiU, you'd still be playing it on a new console.

The game will do just fine as long as Nintendo promotes it. THATS what Platinum needs to be worried about. Nintendo is generally awful about promoting games that their partners are making.
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~

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