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@tifa : I do kinda like how our skit turned out, despite all the issues that Lil and Nefer seem to have. Thanks guys. Worst of the audio was mine, go having to record all my audio into my mp3 player!

Nah, I did that once before. Before I met Lil xD 2009 I did 22 cosplays. I've been aiming to beat that record since >>

@Nefer : You'll go crazy with all this free-handed-ness XD I will have... relatively free for 2013? *thinks* Xemnas' sabers.... can fit in hood if I make the hood big enough.... a lump stick... chainsaw.... trident... staff... so at least one hand will be full for some of the cosplays.... >>

@Liliana : You do XD Ah but I love ya for it. Or, partly why I love ya XD
*Kuja looks over and sees the ridiculous sight of Sephiroth and Emperor hiding under the cape* You two are so weird.... *flips hair*
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